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That’s great that your practice is paying off for you. I really like the structure of the practice sessions that Mike teaches. When was playing with Chandler Symphony, which is a really good orchestra in our area, I took violin lessons from Jack who is still the principal conductor. I thought he was old then, but that was 10 years ago, and he is still going strong. He would really get frustrated with me because I couldn’t relax my bow hand. He tried to help me by showing me how my hand should look when I am using the bow; however, I just couldn’t figure out how to make that happen. Jack told me if would never be able to play fast until I figure that out.

Since I learned the quarter drill from Mike, I feel like I am having significant progress after only 13 days. Now, if someone saw me play, they may think my hand isn’t relaxed, but I tell you, there is definite improvement. I also have pretty bad nerve damage in both hands, so that doesn’t help. Sometime soon, I will post a video somewhere and let you tell me if the nerve damage is having a lot of effect.