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In the 1960s, when I played as a child, I used a violin that I shared with my 2 sisters that never practiced. I thought it was theirs’. The sound post kept falling. My orchestra teacher working on musical instruments a kept resetting it for me at no cost. He did so much for me. I really appreciated him It was also very difficult to tune because the pegs slipped. I struggle with this violin for 5 years. Later, I found out the my grandfather bought it for my mother at a pawn shop in the early 1940s. My grandfather taught my mother violin.

For several years, until I had an 11 year old daughter who was interested in the violin, I never played except on very rare occasions. My daughter became interested in the violin because she saw the old violin that I had as a child. The violin was practically in pieces by then. I found out why the sound post kept falling. A crack had developed on the e-string side about an inch from the fingerboard.

Just today, my wife asked me if I was ever going to throw it away. I told her that I will never throw it away.

When my daughter started playing, I took my old violin to a violin shop said he could restore it, but it would never be playable unless he replaced everything but the back and fingerboard.

My wife will have to wait til my heart stops beating to get rid of it, and I doubt very seriously that my daughter would let her.