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My violin story begins many years ago….My grandfather, who was born in 1919, took violin lessons as a child. He apparently hated taking lessons and never went very far with it. When he passed about 9 years ago, my parents gave me his old violin. Shortly after I acquired his old violin I picked up a violin as a gift for my dad (in his 60’s) who always wanted to play but never did. He had it for a few years and never did anything with it so he gave it back to me. It sat in the top of a closet for about 6-7 years and survived a house fire we had last year. This past Christmas a friend received a violin as a present and taught herself to play. She inspired me and after getting a free afternoon of music instruction (piano and violin) from a visiting preacher and his son at our church in April, I came home and got started. I am slowly progressing but I love it!! I am 41 years old and am finally fulfilling a long time dream of playing what I consider to be one of the most beautiful instruments!!