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Sary Miller

I was about 11 when Ifirst wanted to learn (and already felt a little on the ‘old’ side for first picking up an instrument) but very soon after expressing an interest, I was told that my brother was going to be a ‘musical genius’ and the money set aside for my violin was dedicated to him.

I was a painter and a writer, and decided that it was probably true that I had no musical talent (after all, I can’t sing for anything!) so I gave up pretty quickly, and never brought it up again. After the interest was finally sparked again, the idea of conquering the ability to read music seemed impossible.

Now (at 28) it has taken a bit of a psychological hurdle to say “Goddamnit, no, I’m doing it” especially taking in the unchanged (minimal) money situation. But hell, I am 🙂 It’s awesome so far.