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Hi there, I use tapes (placed at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th finger positions) and then use my tuner to see if I’m hitting the note correctly. As time goes by, I’m trying to internalize the correct sound and am finding that my ears are quickly becoming accustomed to the right note. I’ve noticed that, even though my left hand and finger muscles are not strong enough to hold the string down for a long note, my fingers do seem to be able to find the right note the more I practise. One thing I’ve noticed is that it is better to lift your finger off the string if you have the wrong note and try again, rather than “hunting’ for the note by moving your finger around. There definately seems to be a specific learning pathway using one’s ears to train one’s fingers, or is it vice-versa? I’m such a newby. The thing is that whatever setup you decide on, keep practising, it will sound right eventually.