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I have heard that the violin can hold people back… but I brought my $120 Chinese violin to the shop to have strings replaced and the shop owner played my violin and it sounded amazing. He saud he couldn’t believe the unbelievably gorgeous sound he got out of that violin… he deals in very high end violins (I was naive to that before I went there… I went to his shop because he was open on a Wednesday and everyone else was closed. ). Anyway, he said he was really surprised at the sound that came from the violin and complimented me on my purchase. I was startled by the volume he produced on my violin. I didn’t know it could be so loud! I had found it on consignment at a store specializing in guitars. This guy is a professional violinist in many ensembles in Chicago…

I’m wondering if it is easier for a professional violinist to get a good sound from my $120 violin… if they can better compensate for things that might be problematic for beginners.

I am also wondering why it is that intermediate players sometimes benefit from stepping up in instruments. What exactly are the concrete differences that support skill development when beginners step up to an intermediate violin?