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OK hold on guys: A Mainzl Maennchen keychain (given to me by my dearest friend) and key for my case, a bonmusica shoulder rest, a foam shoulder rest that I hacked with scissors to fit better, THREE chromatic clip-on tuners (I always lose, then find them), a homemade chinrest remover thingy (bent paperclip with rubber band), my Kreddle chinrest posts and the wrench that came with it, a piece of old t-shirt for cleaning my violin, Jade rosin, a rubber covered metal practice mute (got it for my dogs), and in the too-small sheet music holder I have placed the subway straps I do not use as we have no subway or train in my city. And…..I have only started violin about 4 months ago, ha ha!
I got some great tips from the contributors above. I am going to get some Dr. Scholl’s pads as reference for my thumb placement:-)