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I don’t know if I would want to begin on a real Stradivarius. I heard they carry well.

This reminds me. There is a luthier here in the Phoenix area that was allowed to get all of the exact measurements of a real Stradivarius, and duplicate those measurements. He was able to find some really good wood. He doesn’t do this for everyone, but my wife had a friend that he made one for. He played for an orchestra in Glendale, Arizona. He is a really good violinist. I watched him play in a concert. This was his first concert with them. He was like last chair with the first violins. I was observing him playing. I noticed that he wasn’t using a lot of bow, which is uncommon for an advanced violinist. During the intermission he let me check out his violin. I plucked the strings. Wow!!! I figured out that if he used his whole bow, he would drown everyone else out.

I found out that at the next concert he was the concert master.