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Carrie has a good idea about listening to professional players or recordings. Going to concerts always keeps me motivated to continue with my practicing. Listening to and watching violin soloists, or watching the violin sections play in perfect unison, watching their amazing bowing technique, and listening to the beautiful music they play – this always reminds me of why I wanted to play the violin in the first place, and I imagine myself being one of the performers on stage one day. One of the most inspiring concerts I ever went to was a symphony performance of Night on Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky. Wow! Seeing it performed in person is A.MA.ZING!!
You can always attend free concerts at local colleges and universities, some churches, or community events, and still enjoy fantastic performances without paying the big bucks for front row seats at the symphony. Listening to CDs or digital music files is always a good option, at home, in the car, at work (your boss usually won’t get mad with classical pieces quietly playing in the office.)