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I’ve only been moved to tears by the sheer beauty of music twice. Once was during my second concert with Chandler Symphony in 2004. There was a young lady that played the dulcimer, not electric, just a regular dulcimer. I met her once before the concert. She was working with my violin teacher, who was also the conductor of our orchestra, on her solo.

In the concert, we played 3 or 4 number, full orchestra. I think we had 60 violins. When it came time for her solo, most of us went back stage. I was sitting in a chair. I could see her playing as I looked through a small opening in the curtain. It was so beautiful that I had tears rolling down my face. I had to clean up before I could go back on stage and finish the concert. I never forget a tune or melody, but I can not remember what the title of the music was.

The other time was last week when my daughter and I played at a funeral. I wasn’t very close to the person that passed away, but I could feel the emotions of the family members who weren’t sitting very far away. Before my daughter played a young woman played a harp solo called Angle. Yes, it was so beautiful I had to take a moment to wipe my eyes before we played.

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