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Kevin DeSilva

Yes … I do understand very clearly <3

Through my eyes, everything is alive and is also sentient ….. including Violins.

I have found that, every now and again, that special bond forms between a certain Violin and a person … it is in these times, a pure expression of Heart energy can be shared through music.

A Violin communicates through Soul-to-Soul connection …. the effects, we have all experienced – crying or being overjoyed after only hearing a few notes being played.

When that special bond happens …. even plucking a note or two will resonate far, far deeper than any other thing …. the Violin is in harmony with the person’s “Om” or unique harmonic … the Violin becomes, vibrationally speaking, an extension of our deepest selves.

With such a relationship … even the wiping down of the Violin is an act of Love.

There are some of us here who are also deeply “Religious” … and others who are deeply “Spiritual” ….. Music has long been, in a great many cultures and Faiths and Paths, a pathway to The Divine ……. whatever that looks like, the feeling is the same <3

To play or pluck a note or two with gratitude …. Wow …. what an experience.

A Violin can transport a person from the coarse to the sublime.