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`I feel in love with the violin a long time ago. Finally, I bought my first one at the age of 49. My husband, son and I owned a restaurant in Friday Harbor, my son is a bagpiper, so I have been around a lot of music. I have never had formal lessons, only help from friends and violinists. A co-worker and I bought many violins on ebay hoping to get that special one. I went to a music shop in Seattle and bought my 35 Roth, which I love. Then this year I bought the Damiano from Violin Tudor Pro, it sounds as good as my Roth! I work as a Para Educator and have the summers off, I write YA books and have German Shepherds, a parrot, horse, and chickens. I belong to the North West Scottish Fiddlers, but it’s a ferry ride away and I’m not able to go to the meets. I am determined to start playing this year. I’m so glad I found this website.