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Priscilla Gaskins

Hi my name is Priscilla, am 69-started learning violin in my early 60’S BUT TAKING SERIOUS LESSONS FOR PAST 3 Years-I love it and really want to learn to just play well! It is the hardest instrument and the most frustrating to learn, I think-I admire anyone who plays well because I know what they went thru to get there! I also play piano and flute and not any of the difficulty learning those as I have with violin.I started piano as a child and was not that intrested in persuing it but now am taking lessons again for my own benefit to improve my own playing. I was also an adult beginner on flute- started that in my middle 50’s.I am really loving music and wish so much I had been this interested when I was a kid! I play my flute in an all adult band that is international called New Horizons- if there is one in your area join it- so much fun- no pressure-doesnt matter how well or badyou play or even if you can play- they teach you- I havent played violin in band yet because I dont think I play well enough yet to keep up and also at the moment we dont have any strings-might try violin this coming september when we start again