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I wanted to say thank you, my kids mean the world to me and when they want to learn something that is amazing like music, I will stand by them. My middle son wanted to play drums once, so I found some cheap drums, my oldest wants to play guitar and well he got a guitar and my 5 year old has one too. My little one always has his little guitar and my singing mic singing. So now we want to learn the violin and we are excited. I use to play bass clarinet and I played guitars, I am trying to get my oldest kids into something like playing an instrument because of their health problems. I feel it is a great way to let their emotions out and a friend of mine is becoming a musical psychologist to help people with disabilities learn to play some type of instrument. The little one follows in his brothers footsteps, so if they get a guitar then he has to have it too. You can say all the kids have guitars and loves them.
They don’t let their health problems stop them and I’m very proud of them. Thank you so much and you are all so amazing and wonderful.
Thank you