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Hello Arlene, thanks for watching my video. 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed it! 🙂 About the straight bowing, I’m still working on it… At times I really focus on it, other days not so. Especially on the E string I still struggle to have straight bows. Anyway, I started with the bow from day 1. But at first I only used the middle of the bow. I used very little bow. Later on I understood I had to use more bow and I started looking in the mirror to see if my bow went straight. I found it very complicated, it actually was very confusing for me to look in the mirror. That’s why I ordered the bow right tool that I also show in the video. After using it for a couple of weeks I noticed that my bowing was much straighter, even without using the bow right tool. So that’s what helped me a lot. Now I don’t use the bow right tool anymore but I keep practicing to improve my bowing. For example I play slow whole bows on open strings the first minutes of my practice, focusing on my right arm to see if it’s doing everything correctly to bow straight. I focus on how it feels and I find that it is helping me a lot.

Good luck with your students!! Must be great to teach the violin!