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Thank you so much for your feedback Dianne!!!! I’m so happy to read your comments. I had tried very hard to play this movement beautifully but I was a bit sad that I kept having problems with the start of the notes. I want them to be softly. Your tip about the breathing will be very helpful for me.

The past days I’ve been practicing a lot of short bows at the frog because indeed this should improve a lot! I’ll keep doing this.

What a nice tip for doing vibrato on D3 to have the G string vibrato. I would never ever have thought of that myself, so thank you sooooo much!

I’ll have to keep working a lot to improve my vibrato, especially first finger (because it’s inaudible except for first finger on the G string) and fourth finger (sounds very tense).

You’ve just motivated me so much!!! Oh and I will definitely practice more with my eyes closed. 🙂 I just wonder why it is. When I use sheet music, I very few times watch my fingers. And when I memorized the piece all of a sudden I was looking constantly at my fingers. Very weird… Maybe I didn’t know what else to look at. 🙂 So better just close my eyes then