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Michael Sanchez

I can recommend “Magic Concert”, a movie released in 1948.
It is not a recording of a concert in the usual sense but a movie, which should replace a concert. The idea of producer and director Paul Gordon was that great artists can’t visit every town and every village but it is possible to show a film everywhere. So he invited musicians (Yehudi Menuhin-violin, Eula Beal-contralto, Jakob Gimpel-piano and others) to perform in front of a camera and these scenes were combined and the result was a concert of classical music.
The star of the movie is Menuhin. His performances (Beethoven, Bach, Paganini etc.) were shot from different camera positions and angles. Sometimes the camera is quite close and one can see, how his left hand is working and how he handles the bow.
My edition (by EuroArts) contains interesting bonus material, namely Yehudi Menuhin watching and commenting his scenes 50 years after the production of the movie.