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Scott Adams

Hi there! Great question. Glad to hear that you were able to get the bridge shifted back into the correct location. As for the sound post, its correct location is not supposed to be centered or directly under the bridge. I’m not a luthier, so the actual correct location is still a magical mystery to me, but I do know it isn’t centered. 🙂

Play on the instrument for a bit and listen closely to the tone. If it’s still nice and bright and what you expected prior to the dreaded bridge incident, then no worries. However, in my experience, instruments that need a sound post adjustment tend to sound a bit like they’ve had a wet blanket thrown over them. The sound quality is a bit lifeless and dull – not as clean and bright as you’d expect to hear from a violin. If this is the case, don’t stick anything in there and move it yourself. Find your nearest luthier (many string shops have their own) and have them look at it. The adjustment is not an expensive one, but it’s definitely worth the trouble!