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Hi Dianne, just wanted to let you know something funny that happened yesterday… 😉 While practicing, the electricity went down and it was dark outside already. So I stood there in the dark and I just wanted to keep practicing because I had only just started. I was practicing the 3rd movement of the Kuchler Concerto. I thought: “How am I gonna practice now??? OK, I’ll just have to memorize the piece then because I can’t see my sheet music”. Of course this made me think of your feedback here. 🙂
I tried to memorize it in parts and I did memorize it all but the last couple of lines!! This was so amazing!! I always need my sheet music to play, but yesterday made me realize that it’s not true. If I want to, I can memorize the music. It was not actually that hard. And it made me think more of the structure of the piece and I seemed to be able to feel the music more.
So being in the dark in my practice room was actually an enlightening moment :-)))