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Well Rebecca, I hope I am!! I’m not as good as I should be, I know that, I got lazy at some points, for instance my upper positions need work, excluding the E string. I have been told by people that they really enjoyed my playing. I think the key, at least for me, is playing with emotion. They feel the emotion with the music, just as most of us feel the emotion in a song from a good singer. I just can’t help but let the emotion out when I play. Same with piano. I have largely learned to play by ear, although I do read music as well. When I was a teen, for about a year, my family toured around doing week long church children’s camps, and my dad preached on Sunday. Later, as a family, even including our married spouses, we continued singing and playing in churches. I always played the violin as well as piano, and my younger brother and I taught ourselves many songs that my parents wanted to do (my mom sang with my brother). So I suppose I’ve had a varied background!!
I love connecting with others who’ve played for a number of years like you, it’s fantastic!!