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Thanks to both of you for your tips on shifting as well as vibrato. I am going to try your tips and see how things work out. I usually play most things in first position (fiddle tunes and I am still a beginner) but on a few of the pieces I have had to reach a higher note and was unsure of the approach, now I have something to try on those songs and see how this improves my shifting.

As far as vibrato, most of my fiddle tunes don’t have areas where vibrato can be used but there are several waltzes that are slow enough to really have a need for a nice vibrato. I will continue to practice. My biggest problem is the death grip on the neck and I think I need to get a handle on that so that my hand is freer to move.

I will let you know how I am progressing with both of these. Thanks again for the tips.
Diane Lawless