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Michael Sanchez

That is one yummy looking piece of cake! I just ate dinner so it doesn’t look appetizing–although I’m sure when I come back to this post later it will make my hungry.

For my tips, I wanted to post the top 5 things I hear from students regarding vibrato and my comments to follow.

#1 – I am too old to learn vibrato.
Not true! I’ve had some students over age 60 that were able to master vibrato in about 6 months of training.

#2 – My hands are too stiff.
This comes up all the time. A stiff hand only comes from you making it stiff. Try pressing less on the fingerboard, so that the hand can actually move.

#3 – When should I learn vibrato?
I don’t like to mention vibrato until a student has been practicing for at least one year. What is most important though is that the student has proper left-hand technique, otherwise they will struggle to find intonation as the hand is shaking.

#4 – Is learning vibrato hard?
It can be the hardest thing in world if you have bad habits. I highly emphasize violin technique for the reason that students will struggle to progress if they don’t work on their violin fundamentals.

#5 – When will I finally learn vibrato?
You can do it but it does take some discipline. Never give up and try to follow a technical routine.