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Scott Adams

It sounds like you have a pretty good setup there – especially for only playing 5 months so far. The dominants tend to have a good lifespan, though beware of unraveling up near the nut where your hand oils sit. I used to have this issue with them on my viola A string fairly often. Chris is right-on with the “as-needed” recommendation for strings. They’ll either start showing physical wear, or you’ll notice tone quality issues. By this, I mean that you’ll have a hard time either getting them to stay in tune, or tune up in the first place. I wouldn’t go getting a full set necessarily, either – those tend to cost quite a bit upfront, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. For beginners, you’re likely playing the most on your D and A strings. Those may start showing wear first. As for the bow, I’ll stick with my recommendation of an annual re-hair, unless you’re having problems earlier.