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Hi @anteros, one thing that helped me to stay motivated is (partly) removing the cause for me being not motivated. After playing 5 or 6 months I also started noticing that my tone wasn’t quite that beautiful and my intonation was not great. So I thought: “If those are the things that make me not want to practice, I should first get those right before moving on with other songs”. For two months I mostly did tone production exercises and I worked intensive on intonation. It wasn’t fun (at least not at first) but it was worth it. And now I’m much more motivated. Because now if I take on a new song, at least it will sound pretty good and with reasonably good intonation. And that’s what matters most to me. 🙂

Well, maybe this is not a fun trick like you asked in your post, but I think it’s very helpful. Let me know what you think?