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Christie Nicklay

After reading your post, I realized I do the same thing. I try to do too much in too little time and my musical progress suffers as a result. As my husband says, “You’re trying to put 10 pounds of everything in a 5-pound bag.” And he’s right. I know I have X number of hours, so figure I can squeeze productivity — whether it’s my violin or my art — out of every minute. What I don’t figure in is the fatigue from just working 8 hours or taking care of my other responsibilities (housework, yard work, family, etc.). But still…I want to pick up my violin every day…even if for only 10 minutes. I have, in fact, done just that…I held my violin, but being too tired to focus on any lesson, I just played open strings using long bows and listened to the sound… ultimately resulting in tuning my violin. Then I put it away and felt better about doing “something” productive.