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Kevin DeSilva

Hi there and wecome to the Forum!

I love Dianne’s description above 😀 … “The road to true romance is paved with kissing many, many frogs” …. *sigh*

As young people, we often want to “be like” Mom, Dad or some comic Super Hero … right now! …. and then we go and try to do what they do and it does not always work out quite the way we planned 😀 ………. These are the years when, hopefully, we learn to have patience, compassion and love for ourselves …. we learn that learning sometimes takes a little bit of time and that is ok.

I am absolutely and hopelessly in love with a certain Violin … she is beautiful beyond compare through my eyes … her voice is like that of the most ancient and noble Faerie – crisp, clean, deep and penetrating of soul …. but, do you know what?? ……. Like a little 12 year old boy; I don’t even know how to kiss her! …. So, we hold hands and share memories of Sea shores, forests, mountains and sunsets ……. <3

You see; the life within me vibrates at a certain frequency and the Violin also vbrates at a certain frequency … in this case, both frequencies create a harmonic resonance that, to me, is beautiful beyond words.

She (the Violin) is my beautiful girl and, one day, my fingers will press the strings just right and my hand will hold the bow just right … wow! … what a dream! … with time and patience, that dream will be reality <3

This is the adventure through my eyes …… your journey will create a different story to tell …. but, most importantly, have patience with yourself and don’t worry if you kiss a frog or two 😀

I hope you win! … but, even if you do not, I hope you listen to the voice of your heart and chase your dreams …. Michael can help you on this journey by putting a violin in your hands – one way or another (he CAN make it work!) …. there are quite a few amazing teachers here who will answer any question and offer guidance …… there are lessons and private tutoring available here ….. if playing the Violin is your heart’s dream – this is the place to make it come true!

Many Blessings on your journey