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I’m 57 and disabled. I play the mandolin a little, but always wanted to play the violin. I thought I was too late to start to learn, then my wife surprised me with a real beginner violin and Michaels’ book “Fiddle for Dummies”. I really didn’t think this would turn out well. I was afraid I would scare my cats and end up with outraged neighbors from my apt. complex. But several months down the line and I can’t believe what has happened. The violin has turned out to be as enjoyable to play as I hoped it would be. I try to play every day and my cats and I are still on speaking terms. Thanks to a mute, my neighbors are fine with my practice also. Some do question the sanity of taking up an instrument like the violin at my age, but I get points for giving it a try. It’s never to late to try some thing new. I can’t express the joy of playing this beautiful instrument, but I now can’t imagine not playing the violin. My wife says it has done me a world of good to take it up. I now have to play as much as I can. Do not be afraid to try, It gives life a boost that I never expected or could have hoped for. It really is the definition of joy!!