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Dianne Adkins

Hi Caroll, are you able to get the music in advance or is this a sight reading kinda thing? Just doing this will be such a fast learning experience for you, although right now perhaps it feels a little frantic. It’s really good to play in a forgiving group, because they don’t judge, but they don’t stop either. If you can get the music in advance, practice at home during the week, you’ll be better prepared to pay attention to the director. Make sure your music stand aligns with him/ her so your eyes can quickly look up to him/ her and back to the music. Point your scroll at the music. Turn your body so you can maintain a good playing position. No slouching!

I’m glad you have such a great opportunity and that you’re having fun with it! If you can get the music and practice the week before, try using a metronome once your familiar with the notes. If you notice you are stopping a lot, work on that spot and coming into that spot, so you have the technical issues fixed.

Keep us posted on how it’s going!