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Dianne, I have used the analytical approach somewhat successfully in my progression with the piano, but do better to find alternate pieces that work on the same skills. Certain music is very depressing or melancholy to me. I have a violin coming to me in a few days. When I studied violin as a child, there was no fun in it or in life most of the time. All hard work, accomplishment, and competition. This time, I want to play music not associated with bad memories as much as possible and enjoy the process. Piano has helped me access some good memories of my violin playing, so I want to build on that. Sometimes I can identify the targeted skill and focus on learning it, then find another piece that I enjoy with that skill. I will work much harder to play well on music I enjoy but not necessarily perfect the whole piece on the others, just work on skill mastery on those. Is this what you meant by the analytical approach?