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Dianne Adkins

Hi Christie! Do you know about the DAMPIT humidifier? This is quite affordable and pretty much the standard for intermediate to professional violinists. I have the humidity gauge in my case as well, but I use the DAMPIT when needed. I have seen the little water bottles in some cases, but I wouldn’t use them for fear of leakage, which could be a disaster. I did a little research on the little water bottle that sometimes comes with the cases and ran across another unique device that looks like a long string tube, but it contains crystals which draw moisture out of the case environment. Not something I need in my location, but probably useful down South. Eventually, it contains all water. I use a similar product (its a laundry / storage type bag) that I keep in the bathroom to absorb moisture since we dont have a window or vent in there. Anyway, check out the DAMPIT if you haven’t already. I’ve included an image of the product and how it is used.

dampit humidifier

dampit application