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Dianne Adkins

Hi Kay, I am sorry the Suzuki Books set off triggers for you, but anything you decide to play, that feels comfortable to you, I am happy to help with any technical questions you might have. Another person who often posts on this forum, Mariko, has submitted videos of pieces that are equal in technical challenges to Suzuki II and IV. Let me suggest them to you, and you can listen on youtube to see if they are something you like. You could also check out Mariko’s video submissions on this forum under Video Submissions thread.

Here are the pieces: Concertino in G Major Opus 11 by Kuchler, and Concertino in G Major by Komarowski. I believe they each have 3 or 4 movements too. If you do a google search, then look at the images, you might be able to find the sheet music online for free. Good Luck my friend!