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Dianne, I appreciate your feedback. I am restarting after over 40 years of not playing violin, but have been back to studying music for 4 1/2 years on piano, which I always wanted to learn also. My violin knowledge has helped me progress very quickly. My teacher says it usually takes students about 10 years to get to where I am. There were many hurts in my life around quitting violin, but the fact that I remembered so much encourages me to try again. I was 1st chair in 2nd violin section in a good school orchestra when I quit. In looking at the Suzuki books, and some others, I probably need something at the 3rd or 4th book level after I refresh my memory on scales. I’ve tried some violins and have more muscle memory than I thought I might. I’m thinking once I get a violin that I should play from piano music that I enjoy for a while to avoid triggering, play some Christian music and maybe try one of the series that includes both fiddle and classical violin. So many of the pieces in the Suzuki books triggered strong reactions when I browsed that it really shocked me. I’m trying to be more gentle with myself this time, to enjoy the process, not push too hard. I found out about some community groups that sound interesting to try. Hope to have finances to rent or buy a violin soon. It was a big hurdle to have the courage to try a few violins and find I could still bow well enough to tell the difference between them, and to look at the instructional books! Maybe I could win the violin giveaway!