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I believe I like the Jade Rosin because of the “sticky” factor and the fact that my violin does not give me the sound production that I would like. Thank you for your reply as it made me think about why I still use the Jade Rosin versus the rosin that my local violin shop recommends. I hop to in the market for a better violin at the end of the summer. My attachment to my instrument is sentimental as my grandfather purchased it for me when I was in high school. My violin was made by a local mechanical engineer friend and co-worker of my father’s. William Rhode violins have a nice sound but little sound production–they are know for that. Unfortunately, my financial status is one of a graduate student working on a PhD which of course means little money. I am saving and hopefully soon will be able to retire my beloved Rhode violin.
I do believe your assessment of sound production hits the nail on the head as I also use more pressure than I should need to perform. Thank you for your insight!