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Dianne Adkins

Hi Kay, please click this link to the Fiddle for Dummies book by Michael Sanchez.

The book contains instructions on how to play various fiddle styles, like Irish, Schottish, Old Time and Bluegrass. The book is 350 pages, the first half of which is about playing technique. On the product page, it says it contains ‘media resources’ to help you play better, but I’m not certain what that means specifically.

On the linked page above, you can scroll down and read about each chapter and what it contains. It looks like Chapters 9 and 10 contains “many classic songs, and explain(s) how to do your first few fiddle techniques.” Chapter 10 is described saying it “will teach you some more advanced songs and techniques.”
You can also click a link in the description on that page that allows you to read Chapter 5 entirely.

If you need more specifics, you can click on the blue chat button on this forum or at Superiorviolins.com to send a question directly to Michael about the book.

Fiddle for Dummies