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Dianne Adkins

Personally, I never use the cloth covering that comes with the case. It always gets folded up and put somewhere, and forgotten. What I *do* use, instead, is a scarf, which I wrap all around my violin and then place inside the case. I don’t think it would prevent scratches of moving things within my case. But it does prevent dust from getting on my violin and I have always recommended this to students. You can get a cotton bandana for a few dollars that would serve the same purpose.

What does concern me is that your case presses on the bridge when you close it. This is not good. Make sure you take off the shoulder rest before packing the violin. I would definitely cover the violin, knowing that the top, when closed, is going to press on the strings. This is eventually going to be an issue where either you have trouble keeping the violin tuned, or you’ll open the case and the bridge has fallen.

How far you should go to protect your violin depends upon how expensive the violin is, and how much you care about it. I would not advise buying a case that is more expensive than the violin, but then again, I would want a case that provides enough room that the violin is not being gradually damaged. You also don’t need a case with humidifier and temp gauge, but these features ARE useful, especially if you want to maintain optimum inner case environment for your violin. You can provide adequate humidity to your instrument with a DAMPIT. Click the image below to view this product and read about the humidity indicator that is included. You can keep the humidity indicator in your case and glance at it to decide when to use the dampit product.

dampit for violin

With the current 30% off the price of cases, now is a great time to buy from Superior Violins, especially if you want to have a case that is not crushing your instrument. To me, this just won’t do.

Have a look at the Kauffman Lightweight Violin Case. Under $80. I had one of these cases in my studio and recently sold it to a student who absolutely loves it. It’s gorgeous. It’s roomy. I had big pockets and a built in humidity indicator. Plus you can keep music stored in the outer pocket. Here’s a pic.

Kauffman Lightweight Violin Case

I would recommend that you check out three other cases on Superior Violins while they’re on sale!

The Superior Wood Shell Violin Case is just over $100 currently. (The sale prices at the time of this post are not currently showing on the product pages, but I have notified them about that.) To see the actual sale prices on all cases, check the All Cases Category Page at Superior Violins.
Superior Wood Shell Violin Case

Two more cases are just a little over $100 and are truly beautiful! Well worth the investment. The Carbon Fiber Violin Case (currently available in yellow and orange!) and the beautiful Tourte Violin Case are going for a steal at the moment. I actually have the Tourte violin case in RED and gold and it is simply stunning!

The Carbon Fiber Violin Case
Carbon Fiber Violin Case

The Tourte Violin Case
Tourte Violin Case