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Gayle Maurer

I began violin the first of this year after playing the guitar for several years also. I am finding bowing to be the most difficult thing as well. You have to keep the bow straight and on the correct angle. On top of that, your arm and bow hand have to be relaxed. Easier said than done! I find I do well the first few minutes practicing, but tension builds up after awhile and the squeaks set in. I find if I go do something else for a few minutes and come back to it, my sound quality is better again. I am sure it will all come together eventually if we practice enough and get that muscle memory going.

I am also going through the Suzuki book on my own, but have just found another book I like too, to supplement the Suzuki. It’s called String Builder by Samuel Applebaum. It breaks learning down string by string in smaller increments and gives you more instructions on how to finger the notes, etc.. Suzuki assumes you have a teacher giving you directions. So far, I have not found a really good, all-in-one self-teaching book, but this one fills in a few more gaps. Of course, the videos on this site are essential to get you started.

Another thing that helps is posting a video of you playing. There’s a forum on here to get feedback on videos. That’s great! People are so helpful and will point out things you don’t see yourself. Good luck!