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Hello everyone! I am Angel Cole, in southern Virginia. I started playing viola in January 2015. I have extensive music background, but not with strings. I started piano lessons at age 5 (I am 44) and continued through high school. I played clarinet in elementary school and then moved into percussion in middle school, where I remained, playing in marching units. jazz bands and concert bands, as well as one season with a drum and bugle corps. I play in the orchestra in college. After that, I was working and did nothing with music other than play Christmas carols for my family.

I am teaching myself the viola with very sparse help from my son who is a violin major. My goal is to someday at least be at an intermediate level so that I can find adult amateur orchestras and chamber groups to play with. I love to play in ensembles. However, for now I am just trying to solidify basic technique and just enjoy playing. I went to an adult string camp last month and was introduced to some fiddling, so I’d like to venture there someday, too.