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Hi Dianne, thank you soooo much for your extensive feedback!! I do love this piece a lot too. By the way, I don’t have a teacher 😉 So I really appreciate this feedback. I can figure out the notes etc myself but it’s nice to hear what I should focus on. The double stops are indeed very hard for me. I did practice them a lot already but I’m still playing them with too much pressure. I didn’t know doubles should start on DOWN bow. That’s good to know. Thanks for the tip!

It’s so funny how you can just see where I had troubles. 😉 The string crossings you talked about around 2:30 were indeed difficult. And they do feel bumpy 🙂 I think I should prepare those string crossings better, leaning more into the direction of the next string.

Do you know of similar pieces? I am now working on the Concertino in G Major Opus 11 by Kuchler. I think it’s very similar to this one, but a bit easier maybe. It doesn’t have double stops and is a bit slower. But it does require more vibrato or at least I want to play it with vibrato. I also worked on Oskar Rieding Opus 35 which I think is also similar in difficulty? Do you have other suggestions?