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Christie Nicklay

Hello Seth… I also began teaching myself, but wasn’t disciplined enough, so hired a private tutor and have been taking lessons for almost 2 years. My practice sessions are 30 minimum. I start by playing all my major scales through 2-3 times each (10 minutes). Then I work on a few drills (recommended by Michael) and techniques (10 minutes). The last 10 minutes I focus on a particular song that I’ve been working on with my tutor. I spend 5 minutes on the tricky parts, then 5 minutes on long bows and intonation. By the time I’m ready to play through the whole piece, the 30 minutes is up, but I keep going. On the weekends, I’ll practice scales and techniques in the morning for 30-45 minutes, then my bowing and intonation in the afternoon for another 30-45 minutes.