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Hello Everyone…
I just started playing in January. It has been a New Years Resolution of mine for the past 5 years (At least) to play.. Every year at my church before Christmas, we have a Contada Concert…and I ALWAYS sit right up front next to the strings section….close to the violins… I’ve really admired how beautiful the sound of the violin is and elegant yet energetic the motion of the violinists are…. Anyway… this year I decided to REALLY do it! and I have! I’ve been practicing and taking lessons from a very kind friend who has let me use one of his violins “just to make sure I like it”… AND WOW….I Love it! I don’t really like the sounds I make, but I can visualize what I want it to sound like when I play. I enjoy just practicing the scales sometimes….and watching all the videos online(Endless) regarding instruction and tips. Michael S. has been the most helpful with his videos…and I’ve even sat in on one of his “hangout classes”; That was really cool
. I have purchased my own violin finally…..So I’m “in it” now…. and still excited and thrilled to still be playing in my fourth month….. The key for me is “I’m Not In A Rush”and “I’m doing it for me” It’s my escape to my own little violin world”…. even if it is only for 20-30 mins a day sometimes.

Thanks y’all…..and have a great day!