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Kevin DeSilva

Hi Iris,

Welcome to the Forum!

Congratulations on winning your Violin! … You must be quite exited!!

I am also “new” to the wonderful world of Violins and I have a few bits of beginner wisdom to share:

Don’t be in a rush … the world of Violins is enormous!!!! … you will not learn everything in one day or one week – take your time and love every moment of the journey <3

This is an amazing place to hang out … you will learn a GREAT deal from the people here … there are several teachers who regularly share their wisdom – if you have a question; simply ask.

Michael and Professor Gregory have created a LOT of really cool and informative videos that will keep you learning for a long time to come!!

I have purchased Michael’s Book also … it is well worth the investment!

Spend some time reading the various Blog postings … check out http://www.violinist.com and other reputable sites (you will get a feel for who is reputable from hanging out here).

Michael has put together a wonderful practice schedule for pretty much anyone … it is available for you.

Have patience with yourself … love every moment you spend with your Violin – love the sweet notes with as much passion as the not-so-sweet notes <3

This is a journey … throw away all ideas of destinations … the real joy and deep love is to be found within the journey <3

For me? … I may or may not, one day, sound like Anne Akiko Meyers or Itzak Perlman (they are at the level of proficiency I strive for – my musical direction) …. but … what if I do reach that level? … that would be wonderful – however, i will still continue to learn and practice and grow ….. and if I do not; this is also wonderful – i will still continue to learn and practice and grow.

The destination is not important … for me, simply spending time with The Violin and others who share this passion is the greatest reward.