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Dianne Adkins

Hi Chan! I am happy to be back and watching a video of you playing Look, Long Ago, Book 2! *wiggles finger at you for breaking the order*

Still, you have done a lovely job! There are several small details you would have practiced along the way and applied to this piece with a natural progression. The noticeable technical issues I would want to make sure you make use of include:

1. Setting the bow before you play. So at the beginning, your bow is far away from the violin. When you are ready to begin, the bow is brought to the string and before it touches the string, the down bow has already begun. A small detail, but reversing these two actions will produce a better tone and a more pleasing visual. Set the bow on the string, then begin. Notice this can be a problem at any point where you lift the bow.

2. Organize the bow elbow so that it is always one string below the hand. So the elbow can be more efficient by not raising and lowering to play each string level. A perfect example in this piece is at the measure as follows in the variation:

D3 D0 G2 D0 | G0… (play this measure with the bow arm on D string. Reach the hand for the first G2

**To simplify, practice the above measure without the fingers, still using the bowing as in the music. Be sure to stop the bow on dotted notes (UP, UP)**

3. For the left hand, when you play 4th finger in both sections, it is always after 3rd finger. Don’t life 3rd finger to play 4th finger. Make 3rd finger stay on the string while you play 4th finger. If you lift 3rd finger, you use one extra motion to pick up the finger, and another extra motion to reset it after playing 4th finger. Two extra, unnecessary motions will make for very clumsy left hand in Book IV!

I hope these ideas help! Happy to see you!