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Hey there! Interesting replies, and helpful. I played with a fiddle group during high school, along with orchestra. The fiddling stopped during college with more focus on solo repertoire and orchestra. It wasn’t until after college that even attempted to jam or improvise at a performance level. My first attempt was with a local group, and I felt extremely insecure! I went home and watched some YouTube videos, and searched for some backtrack videos. You can easily play along and experiment with different keys. I think experience/familiarity with the song is truly key-as well as confidence in yourself. I have been performing regularly these days, and though I still get butterflies, it’s always a great experience. We meet every Tuesday, and it’s 2 guitars, a tin whistle, drums, and myself. We do some originals, Damien Dempsey, Waterboys tunes, Irish traditional tunes. I will admit-the Irish tunes are probably the most difficult for me, because of the rhythm and the structure of the songs.