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I started about 4 months ago and my family has been very supportive. I currently live in an apartment building so initially I would only practice for a few minutes cause I was nervous of the horrible sounds I was generating. It took about 2 months before I was getting comfortable to play for 20 minutes or so. Now I usually practice for an hour and sometimes without my mute if it’s a good day. Strange how some days I play much better even if it was a week earlier. It’s at the point now where my family wants me to play music for them. I have no problem playing for an audience as I’ve played guitar for 12 years although I found with guitar if your nervous you can easily hide it. If your nervous playing the violin it’s going to show up some where’s haha. I think the hardest part about playing an instrument for people is most have no idea how long and difficult it is to get to where you are. So they can sometimes be demanding. What I usually do is i get them to give it a try. Im a bit nervous allowing people to try my violin but I’m sure it will happen haha.