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Our whole family is quite musical. My dad plays piano & guitar. Mom played French Horn. My brothers played or still play trombone, trumpet, guitar, banjo, piano, violin, bass guitar, drum trap set. We all sang together as well. As I always had a proclivity & knack for mastering electronics, I became the sound guy very early on. Once you show skill with balancing sound you’re not often encouraged to do anything that would keep you too far from the mixer.

Now, as adults, they all have an escape, a place they can go in their own music that can sooth and calm their stress-filled day. I can’t do that with a soundboard. Thus, I am trying to show my kids that we’re never too old to learn new things. My wife is a lifelong brass player. Thus, both kids play in brass band. I encouraged them to try strings as well. Thus my son, the cellist is in Honors Orchestra. My daughter, the violist has just finished her first year in orchestra, & also plays piano.

It’s my turn. I’m starting on violin in the hope that as they progress, they’ll allow me to join them in making beautiful music together. And as I progress, I hope to find a place I can go in my own music to escape, or to create, to weep or to fly, to laugh & dance and simply enjoy making music.