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Chirag Chauhan

So is this forum going to be discontinued ?

I know you must have thought it through with the members and the violin tutor pro team. But I just wanted to think through one concern here. This forum and discussion being hosted on the violintutorpro website has its own advantage. First of all, it is increasing the SEO value of the website. Then through google search about the most commonly discussed violin questions the new violin enthusiasts will be landing on the website through the forum topics only. And as the number of discussion keep increasing in the website it will give a authoritative value to the website in the field of violin tutorial websites. But on contrary, hosting it on facebook groups, does not make it appear on the search results.

I know you must have decided because one of the pros of facebook group is the ease of accessibility and notification system inbuilt in the feed facebook but I just wanted to share my concerns since I love how the website has taken off over the last year. This feels so amazing to be a part of it. I have seen the website grow from the very initial days and feel it as my own.

Thank you