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Dianne Adkins

Hi Kay, every violin has a unique tonal signature. Even violins among the same brand name, or hand made violins of the same maker will vary in tonal quality. Another thing that effects how mellow your violin sounds, beside the player, is the strings you use, and the bow you use. I have said this before in this forum several times, that I am evaluating violins sold on Violin Tutor Pro’s sister site, SuperiorViolins.com. Their intermediate violins are quite affordable and they offer payment plans and financing to get you the violin you want. They will even give you a trade in credit of $300.00 from your old violin, in any condition!

So far, the violin I have really come to love is the Viviano Vitale Violin. Besides being a gorgeous instrument, it is crafted very well and feels good in my hands. I’m used to playing a fairly expensive violin that is 100 years old. The Viviano Vitale Violin has been really a joy to play these past weeks while I’m teaching.

It is very sweet and well balanced from the bottom to way up on the E. The sound rings out even more than my own violin. It responds quickly and plays effortlessly. I have a student in my studio who plays with ‘mousy’ tone every week. We try to pull the sound out of her violin by working harder to play forte, use more bow, etc. One day I put the Viviano Vitale in her hands and asked her to play it. The difference in sound production, with her bow, her playing, changing nothing but the instrument, was REMARKABLE.

The Viviano Vitale Violin is the one in the current giveaway, but if you don’t want to wait, go through the link and listen to the videos on the product page for this violin and check out all that comes with it. As a professional violinist and a teacher for over 30 years, I can endorse this violin without the slightest hesitation. Best of all, you can try it before you buy it with not cost or obligation. Superior Violins will ship it to you, and you can play it, then send it right back if you are not fully convinced. You can tell Michael what you want as far as sound and he’ll select one that best matches your requests.

Check out the Viviano Vitale Violin by clicking this picture of it. They also have other intermediate violins, so it’s definitely worth a browse. I just noticed this violin is marked down $300.00. Those sale prices come and go. I don’t know how long the sale will last but it’s worth every penny.

Viviano Vitale
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