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Hi Cynthia

First of all, I noticed you’re also Canadian, from Northern BC..what type of violin do you own?

I’m very happy with my new Wilhelm Eberle instrument but unlike the expensive Strads it does not have the inlaid purfling..it is just painted on!
However, it has great projection and excellent sound according to my luthier. And the construction looks excellent!

I agree that having enrolled with Violin Tutor Pro was a wise decision. I’m very pleased with my progress so far after four months and I already did some jamming with a niece who has been learning the violin for three years so far. Her first comment was about the smoothness of my playing..I credit that to Michael who encourages us to learn pieces from memory and it helps very much to play much more smoothly as compared to reading from sheet music. I’ve received the same advice from Itzhak Perlman in one of his newsletter again recommended by Michael.
I’m quite new to the forum but it’s been a positive experience so far!!