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Dianne Adkins

Hi all! Donny, I just wanted to invite you to have a look at the intermediate violins sold on the sister site, SuperiorViolins.com. I have several of these violins in my teaching studio and have been evaluating them for several weeks. I personally own a 100 year old French violin, which I have played since my college days. Needless to say, I never expected that a violin under $1000 would capture my affection to any degree. But after about 2 days of playing their Viviano Vitale violin, I have really become quite fond of it. It has outstanding balance of tone, whether you’re playing on G or high up on the E. The tone is very ringing, and is a mellow blend between bright and warm richness. The strings ‘speaks’ easily, responding well to the bow. Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful and well crafted instrument, it feels good in the hands. It looks good. And it sounds really superb. I fully endorse it as a violin teacher and professional violin player of 30+ years.

Click the picture of this instrument below to go to the website and see everything that comes with the Viviano Vitale violin. You can also listen to several videos on the same page of Michael playing the instrument. This is the violin that is in the current giveaway. But if you don’t want to wait, don’t hesitate. It is a gorgeous, forever instrument you will adore playing.
Viviano Vitale Violin
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