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Dianne Adkins

Hey Christie, I want to encourage you to not feel bad about what you perceive as a slow pace of learning. You are doing something very challenging. At any age, people learn at different paces. We never stop learning, as long as we live. I think that is what keeps life interesting. At our age, some people run marathons, and some sit on their butts and watch TV. ha ha ha! We can do what we want!

I feel like I have slowed down considerably with age (Im 58), especially in terms of the stamina required to play the violin compared to the intensity and duration of practice I have done in the past. I had a rotary cuff injury this past year. Even after physical therapy, if I overdo it, it starts hurting again. The doctor said it was a professional player’s injury. Thanks so much! NOT! Life will slow you down. It’s just what happens.

So I’m with you girl! Just don’t compare yourself with others. Just don’t worry about taking smaller steps forward and more time mastering small goals. Keep positive feelings involved with playing violin and have fun. You’re not being graded and there are no deadlines!